Our Students' Internship Experiences

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The internship experiences of the second year students of Tourism Management who did their internship in the 2018-2019 academic year;

Hasan Okur: First of all, my internship continues very well. I liked my company and my job. The experience of dealing with and serving guests is very good. In order for them to have a nice and smooth holiday, it is nice to make their holiday nice. Since I started my internship, I learned how to be successful in guest relations and how to establish a nice communication with people. I have experienced how hard it is to work in the service sector, including tourism, and to please people. Of course, there are good things about working in the tourism industry. For example, the best part of working in the tourism industry is that I have the experience of visiting different destinations. It is one of the beautiful aspects of meeting people who will expand their perspective. During my internship, I saw new places that I had never been able to go to, and this made me very happy.

Hacer Sakik: Hello. I would like to tell my experiences about the internship, albeit a little. Since I had my first internship and first job experience, I had a hard time in the first two weeks. I think internship at the hotel is more tiring than other areas. There is a lot of density in general. There are people with different personalities and thoughts in the work environment, which helps me learn different things. The more I work, the more I want to learn. my chefs and masters have realized my effort, and if I want to work there in the future, they can evaluate my jo applications according to my work in this period. No matter how hard and tiring, business life gives a very good taste. I want to learn something by working voluntarily after my internship.

Erolcan Eraslan: First of all, my internship continues without any problems. I love my job as an apprentice and transferman. I did a black sea tour twice. I learned a lot about the industry. Although the journey part is very tiring, I am happy with my job. I see different people and different cities. This helps me improve myself.

Ayşenur Ülker: In my internship this year, I have had the chance to combine the theoretical knowledge I learned at school and the knowledge I gained in the industry. Internships at the hotel are a bit tiring. I fulfil the duties assigned to me by my superiors. In some cases, the stress of work can increase, but I have learned to manage it. It makes me happy to know that if I improve myself, I will be able to work at higher levels in the future.
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