Quality Policy

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Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University has adopted the quality assurance system in order to achieve its strategic goals set in relation to its mission, vision and core values and aimed to be an university which is effective, productive, competitive and entrepreneurial at national and international level based on quality-oriented education, research and development, national / international prominent social contribution activities within the scope of national and international external evaluation criteria, and improving the institution's management system qualitatively and quantitatively. Our university has adopted the establishment of its own quality assurance system by combining international standards of quality assurance (ESG 2015-European Standards and Guidelines) that started within the Bologna process, which includes improvements in the European Higher Education Area with the national quality assurance system created by adapting the to the institutional external evaluation criteria of the Turkish Higher Education Council with our regional / national culture.

Our university, which will carry out all its all activities in accordance with international standards and relevant legal regulations, within its own Quality assurance system, is based on the quality-oriented management system, which is based on regular monitoring and sustainability, based on the satisfaction of our students and all stakeholders. In this context, Zongudak Bülent Ecevit University in all its activities adapt;
- ensuring the participation of all our stakeholders,
- having a management approach whose processes are defined, based on continuous
evaluation and improvement,
- effective resource utilization.

The principles of this system owned by all employees has been determined as follows;
- Satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially students,
- Process-oriented operations management,
- Continuous improvement habit based on regular review,
- the effective use of resources.

In this framework, our Quality Targets are as follows;
- ensuring the Academic, administrative staff and students take an active role in quality
assurance processes, and preventing all kinds of discrimination in employment and
working environment,
- strict adherence to the 10th article of the constitution; “Everyone is equal before the
law without distinction as to language, race, colour, gender, political opinion,
philosophical belief, religion and sect, or any such grounds."
- the traditionalization of the participation of external stakeholders in the quality
assurance processes.
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