Our Dean Dr. Kemal BÜYÜKGÜZEL's 29th October Republic Day Message

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We are experiencing the enthusiasm and excitement of the 96th anniversary of our Republic, which was declared on 29 October 1923, when the victory of our nation was crowned after the unprecedented struggle to save the homeland from enemy occupation.

The Republic delivers all the values brought by democracy and the will of national sovereignty to the nation. National will is the biggest element that will protect, live and strengthen the Republic. It is our primary duty to take our country beyond the contemporary civilizations and raise it to the respectable position it deserves in contemporary world states.

With these feelings, I commemorate all our martyrs and veterans who have made this land home, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal, the founder of our Republic, and congratulate the 96th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic.

Professor Dr. Kemal BÜYÜKGÜZEL
Acting Dean
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