2nd Deans Council Meeting of Tourism Faculties

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he Deans Council Meeting of the 2nd Tourism Faculties was held on 10-11 October 2019 in Cyprus hosted by Eastern Mediterranean University. academic sector in order to ensure representation in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Tourism Faculty Deans, while all depends on the university, our faculty, our representative Mr. Dean Prof. Dr. Kemal Büyükgüzel participated.

To find solutions to the problems faced by the tourism faculties in our country, to gather the curricula applied in the faculties in a common denominator, to increase the communication and cooperation between faculties and to develop academic approaches to the needs of the sector, to determine the required points for the current departments of the faculties, to determine the desired types of gastronomy and Culinary Arts education. materials and expenses to be used, the new faculties of tourism faculties to be opened in the field of adequate and expert teaching staff, all departments providing tourism education at the level of undergraduate faculties within the body of the tourism faculties, such as issues related to regulations were expressed.

John Lohr's presentation on Globalization opportunity in tourism schools: global postgraduate education, expanding sector relations and the inter-school partnership meeting ended.

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