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My dear students, my dear lecturers and assistant friends, my administrative staff and prospective students who will choose our faculty and respected parents;

Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Black Sea Ereğli Tourism Faculty enjoys the advantage and rightful pride of being located in Zonguldak, which is the first city of the Republic, and belonging to a well-established university dating back to Higher Maadin and Industrial Engineer School (Zonguldak Mining Engineer College), which was founded in 1924. Our faculty was established in 2016 in Black Sea Ereğli campus, and currently conducts educational activities in the buildings used by the Maritime Faculty and Black Sea Ereğli Vocational High School, and will continue its educational activities in the new building. Our faculty will start education for the first time in 2017-2018 by taking 45 students to the Tourism Management department, and as we have targeted in our strategic plan. We think that the number of students will increase rapidly with the activation of our Tourism Guidance, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Accommodation Services, Recreation management, Food and Beverage Management departments.

In today's world, where it is aimed to transform of knowledge in universities into entrepreneurship and innovation, the global information economy is full of opportunities and threats for our country. Turning our threats into opportunities, establishing our internal quality control system in line with the Bologna process, determining our national competence areas, organizing the learning outcomes according to the needs of the business world and industry, and making it sustainable in the European Higher Education Research and Education Area and being included in national and international quality assurance can be possible by training our rapidly growing young population well. The position of our university in the country and world science is increasing day by day according to the number and quality of scientific publications, and studies on the transformation of graduate studies to industry and technology continue at the same level. In order for the research potential in universities to be used in the development of the industry, it is compulsory to develop cooperation between universities and industry branches at the undergraduate education levels for the technological and industrial development of our country and region. In this context, our Faculty will do its part in establishing an academic and institutional tourism approach in our region.

Our mission as Black Sea Ereğli Tourism Faculty; “In the light of Ataturk's principles, within the framework of higher education principles and laws, with researches within the scope of academic and sectoral cooperation, to raise individuals who can evaluate the tourism potentials in our region at an academic level, equipped with basic knowledge, skills, competence and professional knowledge in line with the expectations of the tourism industry at the national and international level, focusing on the quality of tourism activities in our region, can contribute to the social and economic development of the region in a sustainable way, create new tourism potentials, are confident, adhere to scientific ethics, and be respectful to modern, social and scientific values. In line with this mission, we aim to prepare you for the future and we believe that you will graduate as citizens who will benefit society, be faithful to national unity, customs and traditions, and create added value in the historical, cultural heritage, geographical structure and socio-economic structure of our country and region. With this awareness and responsibility, we continue our education in line with the strength and support provided by the university administration, especially our rector, Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇUFALI, to ensure that our current students continue their education and training in a warm home environment, and to provide our candidate students a second environment they can trust outside their families. we think that this is the biggest reason for our students from all over our country to choose our university.

As Black Sea Ereğli Tourism Faculty, we aim to educate our students in the best way with the limited resources we have and to develop knowledge through research and to meet the needs of the tourism sector, which is wider than the academy world. For this purpose, we are working to harmonize the education and research and development activities of our faculty with the targeted European Higher Education Area, depending on our national situation and culture, and to apply for the evaluation of national and international quality boards as soon as possible within the scope of establishing quality assurance in this field. We prepare our annual report within the framework of accountability and financial transparency in accordance with the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018, and submit it to the Rectorate and the public. On the other hand, we have prepared our first five-year strategic plan in line with our targets between 2018-2022 and the performance indicators we have determined. And we are targeting ourselves to progress in being a faculty that provides high national and international recognition, helps the institutionalization of national tourism at a regional and national level, and to train qualified professionals for this purpose.

We are a faculty management that is open to all of your valuable students'; requests, suggestions, advices and supports, and without any discrimination, and a faculty management that takes the principle of meeting you with any subject, finding solutions to your education or special problems and taking your opinions in important decisions. I would like to thank all of our faculty academic and administrative staff, students, and all our stakeholders who have supported us while carrying out our activities, and wish all of our students, employees, public institutions, region, Ereğli and Zonguldak people have a good 2017-2018 academic year.

I wholeheartedly embrace our students, who we hope to be with for the 2017-2018 academic year, I look forward to meeting you in Ereğli district, which is known for its steel production, strawberry cultivation, silk cloth weaving, historical plane trees, caves and Uzun Mehmet ,in the cute mining city of Zonguldak located in black sea region which is communed with nature, and every shade of green and blue are blended, in addition to the sea-sand-sun, contain historical, cultural heritage and health, belief, ecotourism potentials together in itself.

Love and respect,

Prof. Dr. Kemal BÜYÜKGÜZEL
Dean of the Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University
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